Aerospace Tech Week Americas

8th-9th November 2022, Atlanta

Wednesday 9th November

PANEL DISCUSSION - Industry 4.0 in Testing
09:00  to  10:30 v 'Room - Atlanta'

The pandemic has increased the speed of industry 4.0 adoption in the aerospace industry, and organizations have needed to rapidly adapt to new processes and remote testing. During this change, cloud-based testing, robotics, and smart factories have all developed new techniques and systems for testing. How reliable are testing and certification results through the use of robotics or cloud-based testing? How vulnerable are these to cyber attacks or manipulation?

Moderator: Matt Jackson, Embedded Graphics Technical Product Manager, Presagis

Fernando Valera, Chief Technology Officer, Visure Solutions, Inc.

Fernando Valera. CTO. Visure Solutions.
Hardware and Software Testing
11:00  to  12:30 v 'Room - Atlanta'

The challenge of designing with multicore for multicore creates an additional problem for testing, and how to prove it is a necessity for certification, and a complex challenge that has to be solved.

Low-speed databases cause lots of issues and need to be rigorously tested, but how much testing is enough? Proving that everything works at speed is a challenge for all industries.

Is it possible to do modeling and simulation that works on both Avionics and Testing?

How can digital twins play a role in recreating simulations for testing?


Remote Testing and Managing Software and Security on Aircraft - John Prieto, Mgr. IFE / WIFI Tech Support Specialist, United Airlines*

Verifying the Effectiveness of RTOS Mitigation Strategies in Multicore Avionics Systems - Mike Smith, Senior Account Manager, Rapita Systems, Inc.

John Prieto. Mgr. IFE / WIFI Tech Support Specialist. United Airlines*.
Mike Smith. Senior Account Manager. Rapita Systems, Inc..
Structural Testing
14:00  to  15:30 v 'Room - Atlanta'

With machine learning and artificial intelligence being the current buzz for the future of the aerospace industry, how do we approach designing and testing for automation? How do we identify what to test and to what standards?

What role can digital twins play in improving design/model from real data and offering a continuous feedback loop? What is the latest on NDT, Telemetry, and On-Board Testing? In this session, we look at practicals and challenges with structural testing.