Aerospace Tech Week Americas

8th-9th November 2022, Atlanta

Wednesday 9th November

Technology Workshops
Technology Workshops
10:00  to  16:30 v Exhibition Floor

10am - How COVID-19 Has Changed the Requirements Engineering Process Among Embedded Companies - Jeff Price, Regional Sales Director, Visure Solutions, Inc.

11am - Advance Avionics Planning for Shutdown of 4G LTE, and is 5G Friend or Foe for Aviation? - William Cecil, Director, Aircraft Data & Edge Solutions, FLYHT Aerospace Solutions Ltd

11.30am - Closed-loop On-aircraft Electroplate and Anodize Repair - Dr. Keith Legg, CTO, Corrdesa LLC

12pm - 1.30pm - LUNCH BREAK

1.30pm - Solution for MRO and Airlines Holding Excess or Outdated Inventory of Aircraft Parts - Zaheer Faruqi, CEO, Aventure Aviation

2pm - AeroResource Center - Richard Scarbrough, Principal, ScarbroughCo, LLC

2.30pm - Optimizing Operations and Logistics Support Using Opus Suite with H-SIM - Dr. Gustaf Solveling, Principal Analysts & Senior Software Developer, Systecon North America

Jeff Price. Regional Sales Director. Visure Solutions.
William "Willie" Cecil. Director, Aircraft Data & Edge Solutions. FLYHT Aerospace.
Dr. Keith Legg. Chief Technology Officer. Corrdesa LLC.
Zaheer Faruqi. CEO. Aventure Aviation.
Richard Scarbrough. Principal. ScarbroughCo, LLC.
Dr. Gustaf Solveling. Principal Analysts & Senior Software Developer. Systecon North America.