Aerospace Tech Week Americas

8th-9th November 2022, Atlanta

Wednesday 9th November

Technology for Sustainability in Aviation
09:00  to  10:30 v 'Room - Nashville'

The aviation industry has had a couple of challenging years due to the pandemic and is now under increasing pressure to become more sustainable to meet the growing calls from climate change. Customers are also demanding more for airlines to become greener, so what technologies and innovations can be employed to be more sustainable? Is net zero emissions possible? How will digital aviation impact the industry?


Climate Security in the Era of Uncertainty - Shimon Elkabetz, CEO,

Digitally Driven Sustainability Throughout the Aerospace Lifecycle - John Maggiore, Senior Advisor, Cranfield University IVHM Centre

Making Zero Emission Aviation Possible - Val Miftakhov, CEO and Founder, ZeroAvia

Shimon Elkabetz. CEO, Co-Founder.
John Maggiore. Senior Advisor. Cranfield University IVHM Centre.
Val Miftakhov. CEO & Founder. ZeroAvia.
Sustainable Fuel Alternatives
11:00  to  12:30 v 'Room - Nashville'

Decarbonizing aviation is critical to solving the climate crisis, and an important issue for airlines to address as part of their flight operations and will become increasingly critical in the coming decades.

Airlines are already investing in sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), e.g., electric, hydrogen, and the hybrid aircraft. How do these fuel alternatives stack up and how will they help airlines decarbonize, be cleaner and greener, and meet the environmental challenge of reaching zero emission by 2050?


Zero-Emission Aviation — A Roadmap for Hydrogen-Powered Flight - Dr. Alex Ivanenko, Co-Founder and CEO, HyPoint

Making Boeing-Sized Electric Planes Possible - Jeff Engler, CEO, Wright Electric, Inc.

Dr. Alex Ivanenko. Co-Founder and CEO. HyPoint.
Jeff Engler. CEO. Wright Electric.
Optimising Fuel Efficiency
14:00  to  15:30 v 'Room - Nashville'

How do we deliver a more sustainable aviation industry whilst ensuring airlines remain profitable?

What are technical capabilities for environmental challenges, how do we decrease emissions, and what is the CO2 limitation challenge? How can fuel efficiency IT systems and innovations for decarbonizing contrails contribute toward sustainable aviation? What is the impact of the technology environment (at different stages of flight e.g., TBO/4D Trajectory)?


Optimizing Fuel Efficiency – A United Airlines Case Study - Senior Representative*, United Airlines*

The Perfect Flight - A Flight Operating at Peak Environmental Efficiency - Luke Bowman, Product Director, GE Digital, Aviation Software and Sebastian Hoyos, Product Manager, GE Digital, Aviation Software

Maximize Sustainability Measures in Flight Operations with Data and Analytics - Karen Miller, General Manager, Honeywell Connected Aerospace & A Guest Airline Speaker*

Luke Bowman. Product Director. GE Digital, Aviation Software.
Sebastian Hoyos. Product Manager. GE Digital, Aviation Software.
Karen Miller. General Manager, Honeywell Connected Aerospace. Honeywell Aerospace.