Aerospace Tech Week Americas

8th-9th November 2022, Atlanta

Tuesday 8th November


Tuesday 8th November - 9am 

- Joy Finnegan, Editor in Chief, Aerospace Tech Review / Aviation Maintenance

  - Rick Uber, Managing Director Airframe Maintenance, Delta Air Lines

  - Skyler Shuford, Founder and COO, Hermeus

- Dr. Alicia Taylor, Program Director, The Open Group FACE Consortium

State of the MRO Industry
11:00  to  12:30 v 'Room - Frankfurt'

What is the current state of the MRO industry and what is expected in the immediate future? From the supply chain to the skills shortage, what information and data do we need to plan MRO operations? How do we build capacity in the industry and how could AR/VR be used in training to speed up the process?

Chair: Joy Finnegan, Editor in Chief, Aerospace Tech Review / Aviation Maintenance

Supply Chain Challenges in MRO – A United Airlines Case Study - Hiren Patel, Sr. Production Controller, United Airlines

Optimizing Maintenance Production Control Using IBM ILOG Solver - Julio Abanto, Aeronautical Engineer – Senior Consultant, SkyOn Aeroengineering

From Aircraft Health Monitoring to Aircraft Health Management - Chris Markou, Head of Operational Cost Management, IATA

Targeting Staff Shortages in MRO Through Technology - How Digitization Improves Your Workforce Efficiency - Swen Franken, Head of Air Cargo and Line Maintenance, INFORM GmbH

Joy Finnegan. Editor in Chief. Aerospace Tech Review / Aviation Maintenance.
Hiren Patel. Sr. Production Controller. United Airlines.
Julio Abanto. Aeronautical Engineer – Senior Consultant. SkyOn Aeroengineering.
Dr. Chris Markou. Head of Technical Operations. IATA.
Swen Franken. Head of Air Cargo and Line Maintenance. INFORM GmbH.
Panel Discussion: Digital Tools: Big Changes Ahead for Airlines and MROs
14:00  to  15:30 v 'Room - Frankfurt'

Airlines and Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) companies are making big changes to their digital capabilities in order to be successful in a post-Covid environment. Airlines and MROs have spent the past two years revamping operations to counter Covid-related challenges that included thousands of aircraft being parked or retired, revenue streams being disrupted, supply chains broken, and operations being run remotely.

In this panel discussion we will look at the various kinds of IT innovations integrated into MRO with the advent of digitalization, such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Digital Twins, Cloud-based software, Software-as-a-Services (SaaS), ETLs, Mobile Apps, Connected Aircraft, and other advanced and disruptive technologies and there impact for airlines and MROs.

Moderator: Tom Davis, EmpowerMX


Rick Uber, Managing Director, Delta Air Lines

Phil Bathurst, President & CEO, Aspire MRO

Emilio Otero, CEO, Mexicana MRO Services

Tom Davis. CCO. EmpowerMX.
Rick Uber. Managing Director Airframe Maintenance. Delta Air Lines.
Phil Bathurst. President & CEO. Aspire MRO.
Emilio Otero. CEO. Mexicana MRO Services.
Technologies in MRO
16:00  to  17:30 v 'Room - Frankfurt'

As with all parts of the aviation ecosystem, efficiencies and digitization in the MRO sector is no different, but how do we employ these effectively? How can the use of drones help with visualization inspection? How can blockchain be an enabler in MRO? What other technologies and innovations are available to enhance MRO?

Chair: Joy Finnegan, Aerospace Tech Review / Aviation Maintenance

Digitally Track the Change of Ownership of Aircraft Assets - Pierre-Yves Benain, Senior Product Manager, SITA and Jennifer Torlone, Vice President of Information Technology, Willis Lease Finance Corporation

Do You Really Know What A Digital Twin Is? - Michael Wm Denis, Senior Director, Capgemini

Digitization and Blockchain in Airworthiness (Parts Track and Trace) - Chuck Marx, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, SkyThread

Airbus GSE and Tools Innovation: AirLeak Detector Camera and On-wheels Landing Gear Maintenance - Paula Arteaga Uribe, Business Development Coordinator, Airbus

Joy Finnegan. Editor in Chief. Aerospace Tech Review / Aviation Maintenance.
Pierre-Yves Benain. Senior Product Manager. SITA.
Jennifer Torlone. Vice President of Information Technology. Willis Lease Finance Corporation.
Michael Wm Denis. Senior Director. Capgemini.
Chuck Marx. Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer. SkyThread.
Paula Arteaga Uribe. Business Development Coordinator. Airbus.