Aerospace Tech Week Americas

8th-9th November 2022, Atlanta

Tuesday 8th November


Tuesday 8th November - 9am 

- Joy Finnegan, Editor in Chief, Aerospace Tech Review / Aviation Maintenance

  - Rick Uber, Managing Director Airframe Maintenance, Delta Air Lines

  - Skyler Shuford, Founder and COO, Hermeus

- Dr. Alicia Taylor, Program Director, The Open Group FACE Consortium

Flight Ops IT
Developing Flight Ops IT Strategies
11:00  to  12:30 v 'Room - Columbia'

Critical thinking for Flight Operations has become increasingly important after the pandemic as airlines see the rapid reintroduction of flights and staffing challenges. How does Flight Ops iT play a key role in ensuring time, process, and cost efficiencies? During this digital transformation period, what impact can Flight Operations Document Management iT Systems have on Flight Efficiency iT Systems for improving fuel burn, noise, and carbon emissions? What is the latest critical thinking on the future for Flight Ops iT?

Chair: Ian Harbison, MRO & Flight Ops iT Conference Director and Editorial Contributor, Aerospace Tech Review / Aviation Maintenance

The Collins FOMAX Experience for Airbus Fleet (A320, A321) at VivaAerobus - David Ramos, Airline Operations IT Manager, VivaAerobus and Franck Cazalis, eOperations and Cockpit Systems Manager, Airbus

Digital Transformation: Closing the Gap Between Airline Ground and Flight Operations - Albert Dominguez-Martinez, Product Manager, SITA


Ian Harbison. MRO & Flight Ops IT Conference Director and Editorial Contributor. Aerospace Tech Review / Aviation Maintenance.
David Ramos. Airline Operations IT Manager. VivaAerobus.
Franck Cazalis. eOperations and Cockpit Systems Manager. Airbus.
Albert Dominguez-Martinez. Product Manager. SITA.
Flight Ops IT
EFB Applications and Additional Operational Drivers
14:00  to  15:30 v 'Room - Columbia'

When one considers Flight Ops IT, the EFB is a leading factor. There is a wealth of additional benefits the EFB can offer airlines e.g. real-time data, weather 'nowcasts', and ground handling/line maintenance efficiencies to name a few of the applications. We explore what more the EFB can offer the airline and how it can play a major role in the age of digital transformation.

Chair: Ian Harbison, Aerospace Tech Review / Aviation Maintenance

Putting Data in the Hands of Pilots to Solve Industry Challenges - Jonathan Morrell, Product Manager, GE Digital, Aviation Software and Capt. Dave Summergreene, Manager Flight Crew Insights - Operations Insights, Qantas Airways

Centralized Approach to EFB Applications and Data – Bill J. Baumgarten, Leader Technical Sales, Collins Aerospace

Airline’s Ownership at the Heart of Data Management - Francois Barthet, Sales Manager - EMEA, Teledyne Controls

NAVBLUE Mission +​ - Jesse Ziglar, Technical Operations, NAVBLUE, An Airbus Company


Ian Harbison. MRO & Flight Ops IT Conference Director and Editorial Contributor. Aerospace Tech Review / Aviation Maintenance.
Jonathan Morrell. Product Manager. GE Digital, Aviation Software.
Capt. David Summergreene. Manager Flight Crew Insights, Operations Insights. Qantas Airways.
Bill J. Baumgarten. Leader Technical Sales. Collins Aerospace.
Francois Barthet. Sales Manager, EMEA. Teledyne Controls.
Jesse Ziglar. Product Marketing Specialist. NAVBLUE, An Airbus Company.
Flight Ops IT
Data and Changing Ownership of Assets - Legality of Who Owns and Controls the Data
16:00  to  17:30 v 'Room - Columbia'

An airline's ability to ingest and analyze flight data efficiently is complex but of key importance.

The recent Ukraine/Russia war has also raised serious questions on data management and ownership, including the necessity to build in resilient solutions.

What are the practicalities of how and where data is managed? Is there a benefit to merging operational and MRO IT systems? Is cloud computing a safe and viable option? Where does data ownership reside? (Also includes uses of data/ GDPR)

Chair: William Cecil, FLYHT Aerospace

Title To Be Shared Soon - Mike Linzbach, Senior Project Manager – Predictive Technologies, Delta Air Lines

Aircraft Operational Data (AOD) - Chris Markou, Head of Technical Operations, IATA

Data Ownership - 3 Perspectives ​- Tom Davis, CCO, EmpowerMX

Airline’s Ownership at the Heart of Data Management - Francois Barthet, Sales Manager - EMEA, Teledyne Controls


William "Willie" Cecil. Director, Aircraft Data & Edge Solutions. FLYHT Aerospace.
Dr. Chris Markou. Head of Technical Operations. IATA.
Francois Barthet. Sales Manager, EMEA. Teledyne Controls.
Tom Davis. CCO. EmpowerMX.