Aerospace Tech Week Americas

8th-9th November 2022, Atlanta

Tuesday 8th November


Tuesday 8th November - 9am 

- Joy Finnegan, Editor in Chief, Aerospace Tech Review / Aviation Maintenance

  - Rick Uber, Managing Director Airframe Maintenance, Delta Air Lines

  - Skyler Shuford, Founder and COO, Hermeus

- Dr. Alicia Taylor, Program Director, The Open Group FACE Consortium

Connectivity, Communications, & E-Enablement
11:00  to  12:30 v 'Room - Nashville'

For the Connected Aircraft, communication systems are key. The drive for cost savings and efficiencies means airlines are streamlining and/or optimizing systems. How do we get the most value from connectivity and what are providers doing?

What impact will 5G have and what benefits or challenges can it bring? Where will 5G fit with SatCom, ACARS over IP, and Non-Terrestrial networks (NTN)? What are the cost factors for 5G, Datalinks & SatCom?

Chair: Bill J. Baumgarten, Collins Aerospace

Horses for Courses: A review of Automated Aircraft Data Harvesting: Past, Present and Future - William Cecil, Director, Aircraft Data & Edge Solutions, FLYHT Aerospace

Improving Satellite Connectivity for Commercial Aircraft - Max Kennedy, Consultant

Private 5G Cellular Networks for Airports and Airlines Are Ready, But for What? - Christian Regnier, Chairman & Co-Founder, PRIVINNET and EUWENA Association


Bill J. Baumgarten. Leader Technical Sales. Collins Aerospace.
William "Willie" Cecil. Director, Aircraft Data & Edge Solutions. FLYHT Aerospace.
Max Kennedy. Aerospace Industry. Consultant.
Christian Regnier. Chairman. PRIVINNET and EUWENA Association.
Increasing the Value of Connectivity Through ATM
14:00  to  15:30 v 'Room - Nashville'

As the industry aims to enhance efficiencies and value, what services can be expected from ATM and what is the value chain of connectivity from the ground to the air?

How can connectivity benefit throughout the ecosystem from services on the ground? Future Air Navigation Systems (FANS) to Datacomms? Can there truly be a 4 As that contributes to efficiency and value?

Chair: William Cecil, FLYHT Aerospace

AOC Customization for Airbus fleet (A320, A321) with 1TX1 Air Traffic Service Unit - David Ramos, Operations Information Technology Manager, VivaAerobus and Nancy Elizabeth Madrigal Cuevas, Performance Engineer, VivaAerobus

Innovation Thru Competition - Luca Sidoti, ACARS Engineering Manager, Avionica, LLC

How Combining Connectivity With Onboard Avionics and Ground-Based Analytics Software Can Enable Now-Time MRO Maintenance Workflows That Proactively Address AOG - Blane Rockafellow, VP for Digital Solutions Technologies, SmartSky Networks

Iridium in Aviation ​- John Peterson, Executive Director Aviation Line of Business, Iridium

William "Willie" Cecil. Director, Aircraft Data & Edge Solutions. FLYHT Aerospace.
John Peterson. Executive Director Aviation Line of Business. Iridium.
David Ramos. Airline Operations IT Manager. VivaAerobus.
Nancy Madrigal. Performance Engineer. VivaAerobus.
Luca Sidoti. ACARS Engineering Manager. Avionica, LLC.
Blane Rockafellow. Vice President, Digital Solutions Technologies. SmartSky Networks.
Aircraft Data Management and Cybersecurity
16:00  to  17:30 v 'Room - Nashville'

As data becomes more prolific and more valuable to an organization, how do we control the flow of information, and who owns it? As processing data offline becomes more economical, what are the data limitations and challenges? With a push for moving to the cloud, how do we manage data and ensure its security?

Chair: Phil Bathurst, Aspire MRO

Security in Avionics Systems - Gary Gilliland, Technical Marketing Manager, DDC-I

From Connected Aircraft to Conscious Aircraft - Steve Schoonveld, Director of Product Management, GE Aviation

Aviation Cybersecurity Through the Power of Community - Jeff Troy, President/CEO, Aviation ISAC

Foresight: Machine Learning and Delivery Methods - Dr. Adam Suarez, Director of Engineering for Aviation Insight, FlightAware


Phil Bathurst. President & CEO. Aspire MRO.
Gary Gilliland. Technical Marketing Manager. DDC-I.
Steve Schoonveld. Director of Product Management. GE Aviation’s Connected Aircraft Group.
Jeff Troy. President & CEO. Aviation ISAC.
Dr. Adam Suarez. Director of Engineering for Aviation Insight. FlightAware.