Aerospace Tech Week Americas

8th-9th November 2022, Atlanta

Tuesday 8th November


Tuesday 8th November - 9am 

- Joy Finnegan, Editor in Chief, Aerospace Tech Review / Aviation Maintenance

  - Rick Uber, Managing Director Airframe Maintenance, Delta Air Lines

  - Skyler Shuford, Founder and COO, Hermeus

- Dr. Alicia Taylor, Program Director, The Open Group FACE Consortium

Mandates & Regulatory Framework Updates
11:00  to  12:30 v 'Room - Atlanta'

Despite two difficult years of the pandemic having had a massive impact on aviation, the industry is expected to experience rapid growth as we return to a 'new normal'. Many airlines are already implementing plans to adapt to the global expectation of becoming more efficient and environmentally friendly.

The United States and European air traffic congestion agencies will once again constrain operations leading to major efforts of developing new methodologies and efficiencies. This will enable airspace users to choose their own optimal trajectory.

What are the latest position on mandates, such as DO326, and regulatory frameworks? How are the FAA, EUROCONTROL, ICAO and NASA harmonizing for an efficient and common purpose? How does this impact our industry?

Chair: Pascal Joly, Airbus

The Impact of Software Distribution and Data Loading Cyber Security Enhancements on the Airline Industry - Tom Nicholls, Systems Engineering Lead, mbs Electronic Systems GmbH

ARINC 645 Section 5 - Security Standards for Portable Data Loaders and Airborne Data Loaders - Ted Patmore, Airborne Software Management Specialist, Delta Air Lines

DO-326A Airworthiness Security Explained - Ricardo Camacho, Director Safety & Security Compliance, Parasoft



Pascal Joly. Director, Flight Safety and Technical Affairs. Airbus.
Tom Nicholls. Systems Engineering Lead. mbs Electronic Systems GmbH.
Ted Patmore. Airborne Software Management Specialist. Delta Air Lines.
Ricardo Camacho. Director Safety & Security Compliance. Parasoft.
Uncrewed Aerial Systems and Urban Air Mobility
14:00  to  15:30 v 'Room - Atlanta'

The recent significant growth in Uncrewed Aerial Systems will create a big impact on the available safe airspace. This highlights the need to harmonize the Unmanned Aircraft "Traffic System" Management (UTM), between an ecosystem for uncontrolled operations and controlled airspace.

How will we develop a safe, and efficient, aviation transportation system for UAVs and UAM?

How has Urban Air Mobility (UAM) become Advanced Air Mobility (AAM)?

Chair: John Prieto, United Airlines

Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) for Urban Air Mobility (UAM) - Dr. Scot Campbell, UTM Project Executive, Acubed, an Airbus Innovation Center

Avionics Security and Safety in the UAM Market - Filip Verhaeghe, Founder and CEO, Sol.One

Comprehensive Data Usage and the Benefits for AAM Aircraft Operations - Michael Dusseau, Application Engineer, GE Aviation Systems – Connected Aircraft

Developing Technologies for Simplified Vehicle Operations (SVO) - Sapan Shah, Director of Product Management for Advanced Air Mobility, Honeywell Aerospace


John Prieto. Mgr. IFE and WIFI Tech Services. United Airlines.
Dr. Scot Campbell. UTM Project Executive. Acubed, an Airbus Innovation Center.
Filip Verhaeghe. Founder and CEO. Sol.One.
Michael Dusseau. Applications Engineer. GE Aviation Systems – Connected Aircraft Group.
Sapan Shah. Director of Product Management for Advanced Air Mobility. Honeywell Aerospace.
Visualisation Display Challenges - Future Cockpit/Avionics Technology
16:00  to  17:30 v 'Room - Atlanta'

Technology develops at a rapid rate and new tech can help with efficiencies and safety. What technologies will the cockpit of tomorrow utilise? How will this affect pilot workload, while moving towards a single pilot operation?

How can Human Machine Interface (HMI), Augmented Reality, and Synthetic Vision work in the cockpit?

Is there a future and an opportunity for AI in the cockpit? What are the guidelines from the FAA?

Chair: John Prieto, United Airlines

Expanding IMA Systems into the World of Autonomy - Chip Downing, Senior Market Development Director, Aerospace and Defense, Real-Time Innovations (RTI)

Certifiable, Explainable Artificial Intelligence for Aircraft - Nick Cianciolo, CEO, Intelligent Artifacts

Vision Systems in Airbus Cockpit - Fabrice Bousquet, Avionics Systems Engineer, Vision Systems Expert, Airbus UpNext

Usage and Implementation of Augmented Reality and 3D Visualization Within the Cockpit Environment -​ Matt Jackson, Embedded Graphics Technical Product Manager, Presagis

John Prieto. Mgr. IFE and WIFI Tech Services. United Airlines.
Chip Downing. Senior Market Development Director of Aerospace and Defense. Real-Time Innovations (RTI).
Nick Cianciolo. CEO. Intelligent Artifacts, Inc..
Fabrice Bousquet. Avionics Systems Engineer, Vision Systems Expert. Airbus UpNext.
Matt Jackson. Embedded Graphics Technical Product Manager. Presagis.