Wednesday 29th March

Flight Ops IT
Optimising Collaboration between Airlines and ANSPs
11:00  to  12:30 v Room: K3

Communication is key! The more efficient the communication between Airlines and ATC, the better the optimisation of efficiencies of flight operations. The SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking (SESAR 3 JU) is marking a new chapter in modernising European air traffic management (ATM). Greater collaboration between airlines and ANSPs, including automatic negotiations, can greatly enhance fuels savings and time, by taking into account factors such as weather, closed airspace, military and surrounding traffic - all which take more time for human analysis and decisions. What are the impacts and operational and sustainability benefits to the industry of greater collaboration?


Title to be Shared Soon - Pasha Saleh, Head of Corporate Development, Alaska Airlines*

Harmonizing Aeronautical and Real-Time Data Between Airlines and ANSPs - Dr. Thorsten Wiesemann, Director Flight Deck Solutions - Smart Map Solutions, Boeing

SESAR 3 Overview - Senior Representative, Collins Aerospace*


Flight Ops IT
Predictive Flight Operations from Real-Time Data
14:00  to  15:30 v Room: K3

How can real-time data further assist airlines and ANSPs in pre-flight and in-flight operations? From predictions on ground and taxi clearance, to collision avoidance and redefining escape routes, real-time data can be used to analyse terrain, weight, wind, temperature and other parameters and enable real-time flight planning changes for greater efficiencies and enhanced safety. In this session we explore the additional benefits that real-time data can deliver.

Chair: Senior Representative, SITA*

The Importance and Criticality of Capturing all the Aircraft Operational Data in a Timely Manner to Drive the Most Value - Scott Ridge, VP of Products and Services, Avionica, LLC.

A Case Study - Senior Representative, Flight Aware*

Benefits of Real-Time Thunderstorm and Turbulence Information in the Cockpit - Dr. Caroline Reitwiesner, CEO, WxFusion GmbH and Per Öhman,  Key Account Manager, AVTECH Sweden AB

Scott Ridge. VP, Products and Services. Avionica, LLC.
Dr. Caroline Reitwiesner. CEO. WxFUSION.
Per Öhman. Key Account Manager. AVTECH Sweden AB.
Flight Ops IT
Where Next for EFBs and the 'Smart Cabin'?
16:00  to  17:30 v Room: K3

Electronic Flight Bags (EFB) have been the mainstay, for many years now, for pilots and airlines in managing flight data and operations, and feeding data back for enhancing flight operational efficiencies. So what is next for the EFB? How can EFBs further improve flight operations and optimising aircraft trajectory. What role can the Electronic Flight Folder (EFF) play for greater efficiencies? How can they be used and integrated for Cabin Crew operations for the Smart Cabin? How can data be better utilised for analysis? How will opening up the APIs for product assistance for third parties apps work, especially in relation to data sharing, data governance and data authorisation?

Chair: Rene de Vogel, Boeing

A Paper-less as Possible Process: Electronic Logbook & Taskcards - Summer Spivey, Manager, Corp Publications & Ops Excellence, Breeze Airways

Title to be Shared Soon - Maxim Dubovik, EFB Administrator/EFB Manager, Xfly

Title to be Shared Soon - Klemen Kete, Chief Operating Officer, Chair Airlines AG*

End-to-End Flight Operations and Integration Efficiencies - Senior Representative, Bytron and Co-Speaker, FlyDubai*

The Connected EFB for IRIS - Dr. Valerie Chu, Director of Major Programmes, Inmarsat Global and Shaun Landy, Product Owner, Smart4Aviation and Frank Opel, Director Line of Business - Flight Operations, TXT PACE

Rene de Vogel. Eastern Hemisphere Portfolio Integrated Product Team (IPT) Lead. Boeing.
Summer Spivey. Manager of Corporate Publications & Ops Excellence. Breeze Airways.
Maxim Dubovik. EFB Administrator/EFB Manager. Xfly.
Dr. Valerie Chu. Director of Major Programmes. Inmarsat Global.
Shaun Landy. Product Owner. Smart4Aviation.
Frank Opel. Director Line of Business - Flight Operations. TXT PACE.

Thursday 30th March

Flight Ops IT
Flight Operations, Management Performance, and Data Analytics
09:00  to  10:30 v Room: K3

Data is an essential component for the airline to optimise flight operations and achieve sustainability to meet Europe's carbon neutral position by 2050. Performance Indicators can play a key role for improving everyday operations, so how do  you identify and developr PIs for flight operations management in an airline? How can SWIM, TBO and flight profile optimisation contribute towards fuel savings, contrail avoidance. How to get systems functioning more effectively, and data efficiently analysed to deliver real efficiencies in flight operations? What benefits can the connected FMS bring?


Flight Operations Efficiency - José de Jesus Quezada Sanchez, Flight Operations Engineering & Optimization Director, AeroMexico

Modern Flight Data Monitoring That Leverages Contextual Events Analysis as Potential Leading Indicators to the Safety Performance Index - Adil Lahrizi, Product Manager, Flight Operations Quality Assurance/Flight Data Monitoring, Boeing

Digital Transformation of TechOps Driven by Big Data Platforms and Digital Solutions - Senior Representative, Lufthansa Technik and Senior Representative, WizzAir*

Digital for Sustainable Aviation - Dr. Ip-Shing Fan, Senior Lecturer in Enterprise Systems, Cranfield University

José de Jesus Quezada Sanchez. Flight Operations Engineering & Optimization Director. AeroMexico.
Dr. Ip-Shing Fan. Senior Lecturer in Enterprise Systems. Cranfield University.
Flight Ops IT
End-to-End Flight Operations, Digitization, and Data Security
11:00  to  12:30 v Room: K3

The ability to be able to capture, process and analyse data from pre-flight to post-arrival delivers advantages for the airline operations in planning flights. This can aid take off trajectories, flight profile optimisation, decarbonisation of contrails for operational and sustainability benefits and cost savings. How can we easily digitize so much data from one flight, how can this be best processed and analysed and how can calculations be made in flight? What are the advantages and potential risks following the general trend of sending everything into the cloud? What are the concerns for end-to-end data security?


What Might Web3 Technologies Bring to Flight Ops Digitalisation? - Simon Brown, Enterprise Architect - Operations, easyJet

Reduce Cruise Fuel Burn with Predictive Algorithms and Real-Time Data - Scott Young, Product Manager, FliteDeck Advisor, Boeing

N-Flight Planning (N-FP) - Senior Representative, NAVBLUE, an AIRBUS Company*

Sustainability and Digitalization in the Aviation Operations Ecosystem - Matthew Emery MRAeS, Digital Product Manager, Honeywell and Justin Schassler, Digital System Architect, Honeywell

DevSecOps - Ian Ferguson, VP Marketing and Strategic Alliances, Lynx*

Simon Brown. Enterprise Architect, Operations. easyJet.
Matthew Emery MRAeS. Digital Product Manager. Honeywell.
Justin Schassler. Digital System Architect. Honeywell.
Flight Ops IT
Joint Panel Discussion with MRO IT: Full ERP Single Solution v Integrated Best of Breeds
14:00  to  15:30 v Room: K3

With increasing integration between Flight Ops IT and MRO IT requirements, the benefits of an integrated IT system is undeniable. However, the decision of how best to choose and implement a system is vital to get right, and what type of system would be most beneficial to the company. Are Full ERP single solutions most efficient, that may be a good all round performer but not perfect fir everything, or should one choose Best of Breed solutions with integrations. What should the inputs be from both Flight Ops IT and MRO IT sides, and what data and information do both sides require from such a system that can enable integration? This lively discussion will explore the alternatives.

Moderator: Nick Godwin, NSGAero


Frédéric Pralus, VP Technical, CAMO Post Holder, Avion Express

Senior Representative, SAS*

Hugh Revie, VP of Sales, EmpowerMX*

Robert Mather, Vice President Aerospace & Defense Industries, IFS*

Richard Landsbury, Sales Director, Rusada



Nick Godwin. Managing Director. NSGAero.
Frédéric Pralus. VP Technical, CAMO Post Holder. Avion Express.
Richard Landsbury. Sales Director. Rusada.