Wednesday 29th March

Panel Discussion: Increasing the Value of Connectivity (Airspace Modernisation)
11:00  to  12:30 v Room: E119

In Europe alone, skies are expected to see a 50% increase in flights in the next 20 years – while recent estimates anticipate 40 times more commercial UAVs will be flying beyond visual line-of-sight by 2030 than commercial aircraft.
Systems such as Iris and Certus can further accelerate the air traffic modernisation programme, which can also adopt System Wide Information Management (SWIM) applications to facilitate greater sharing of information such as airport operational status, weather information, flight data, and status of any airspace restrictions. This session will look at use case examples and how airspace modernisation can work for the airline.



Iris - Kholoud Keating, Technical Architect, easyJet*

Dr. Eduardo Garcia Gonzalez, Manager European ATM Coordination and Safety, CANSO

Sylvie Perez, Senior Director, Datalink Solutions, Aviation, Inmarsat*

Corvin Huber, CEO and Founder, Skyroads AG

Dr. Eduardo Garcia Gonzalez. Manager European ATM Coordination and Safety. CANSO, Belgium.
Corvin Huber. CEO and Founder. Skyroads AG.
Innovative Data Management and Its Challenges
14:00  to  15:30 v Room: E119

How much data is enough data? With each flight creating terrabytes of flight data data, how should this data be best utilised? How should it be collected, processed, stored, transmitted and how can it be monetised - and could AI assist? What is the cost of storing data on-board, what are the requirements of airlines to ensure data and equipment is following standards and regulations, such as EUROCAE ED204A - and what are those standards?

Chair: Dr. Hannes Griebel, CGI

ED204A (EUROCAE) Standard - Anna Guégan, Senior Technical Programme Manager, EUROCAE*

Approach to Future Data Management Challenges - Senior Representative, Collins Aerospace*

Future Datalink and Data Management - Senior Representative, SITA*

Putting Data in the Hands of Pilots to Solve Industry Challenges - Jonathan Morrell, Product Manager, GE Digital, Aviation Software and Senior Representative, Malaysian Airlines*

Dr. Hannes Griebel. Director - Aerospace & Assured Space Systems. CGI.
Jonathan Morrell. Product Manager. GE Digital, Aviation Software.
Data Exchange Technology and Network Security
16:00  to  17:30 v Room: E119

More data is needing to be transmitted off the aircraft. Data connectivity is becoming more affordable, as increasing bandwidth provides lower data volume prices, but reducing bandwidth. what infrastructure and connectivity does the aircraft actually need and what are the latest systems/services. What's the value of secure comms and datalink comms, or the multilink future of connectivity. What's the impact for cross over legacy technology for UAM's? What should be minimum security standards for risk mitigation from certification high quality datalinks?

Chair: Pacome Revillon, Euroconsult

Airbus Solutions to Promote eOperations - Franck Cazalis, eOperations and Cockpit Systems Manager, Airbus SAS and Rui Fernandes, Datalink, and Cockpit Communication Systems Manager, Airbus SAS

Use of Other Media (LTE, 5G, 6G, K band, LEO etc) - Senior Representative, EUROCONTROL*

The Case for a Virtual Flight Data Recorder - Aviation Safety in the age of the Connected Aircraft - Dr. Hannes Griebel, Director of Aerospace, CGI


Pacome Revillon. CEO. Euroconsult.
Franck Cazalis. eOperations and Cockpit Systems Manager. Airbus SAS.
Rui Fernandes. Datalink, and Cockpit Communication Systems Manager. Airbus SAS.
Dr. Hannes Griebel. Director - Aerospace & Assured Space Systems. CGI.

Thursday 30th March

Panel Discussion: Integrated ATC - The Managed Airspace
09:00  to  10:30 v Room: E119

Recent estimates anticipate 40 times more commercial UAVs will be flying beyond visual line-of-sight by 2030 than commercial aircraft, so the need for integration of UTM into ATM is becoming more essential. What is the impact and consequences for aircraft re-entering from high airspace. What are the challenges of airspace of drones and commercial aircraft integrating around an airport? There is a need for advanced air traffic services, but also new economic benefits from airspaces. In this session we explore the integrated ATC and need for the Managed Airspace.

Moderator: Mark ter Hove, Inmarsat


Phil Binks, Head of ATM, Altitude Angel*

Marvin König, Manager Public Affairs Europe, Lilium GmbH

Mark ter Hove. Senior Manager UAV & ATM – Aircraft Operations and Safety. Inmarsat.
Marvin König. Manager Public Affairs Europe. Lilium GmbH.
How Connectivity Can Help Deliver Sustainability
11:00  to  12:30 v Room: E119

The requirement for the aerospace industry to become more sustainable is mandated with 2030 (net 50)-2050 (net zero), but what needs to be done to achieve this, and how can connectivity have an impact? Single engine taxi monitoring, weather data collection through weather sensors, contrail avoidance can all be achieved through a connected airspace, in turn reducing the industry impact on the environment, and achieving cost savings.

Chair: Euan Mitchell, SITA

Sustainability and Reducing Carbon Emission Through Connectivity/Data Collection - Gerben Bondt, EFB Specialist|Training Captain, Wizzair*

Contrail Avoidance Through Connectivity - Murray Skelton, VP of Business Development, FLYHT Aerospace


Euan Mitchell. Senior Product Manager. SITA.
Murray Skelton. Vice President Business Development. FLYHT Aerospace.
Future of Connectivity - AI and What it can do for Airlines
14:00  to  15:30 v Room: E119

How can connectivity be a benefit and driver for airlines in the future, for the end-to-end passenger journey? What new capabilities can it bring for on-board retail and contactless payments, the passenger experience, digital and data management? How can AI move into aircraft for added value? This session looks at the innovations in the future of connectivity.

Chair: Philippe Lievin, Collins Aerospace

5G/6G Spectrums - (Orchestra) - Senior Representative, Inmarsat*

Inflight Digital Platforms : How to Ensure a Significant ROI on Your Investments  - Cyril Jean, Chairman & CEO, PXCom

AI and Machine Learning in Edge Computing (Real-Time Management/Monitoring) - Future Concept of Aircraft Health Monitoring - Senior Representative, FLYHT Aerospace*

Philippe Lievin. Air Traffic Management Services - Business Development Director - EuMEA. Collins Aerospace.
Cyril Jean. Chairman & CEO. PXCom.