Wednesday 29th March

Mandates and Regulatory Frameworks Updates
11:00  to  12:30 v Room: F111

Enhanced safety and communications between the aircraft in the sky and the ground control continue to dominate the industry as technology becomes and increasing driver. Following the pandemic, the speed to ramp up capacity and incorporation of new technologies for a more sustainable aerospace industry, airlines need to move from capacity to efficiency, so what’s the latest regulations and how are regulators and mandates impacting on the industry? What needs to be installed in the aircraft to meet these mandates, what is the impact on avionics for operators, how training/retraining is having an impact and who is going to pay for update?

Chair: Peter Green, EUROCONTROL

EASA New Ground Certification Framework - Anastasiya Terzieva, ATM Standards & Implementation, EASA*

EASA FAA Alignment/Harmonisation (Airline) - Laurent Puzenat, CNS Project Manager - Flight Ops, Air France*

Fact or Fiction:  The New 2023 Required ARP4754B and ARP4761A for ALL Aircraft & Systems? - Vance Hilderman, CTO, AFuzion

Are There Any Real Benefits in Using MOSA in Commercial Avionics? - Chip Downing, The FACE Group

Peter Green. Head of Standardisation. EUROCONTROL.
Vance Hilderman. CTO. AFuzion.
Chip Downing. The FACE Group.
Aviation Infrastructure
14:00  to  15:30 v Room: F111

With the growing use of wireless technologies on board aircraft, for sensors, data exchange and other applications, how will wireless onboard avionics networks cope with the shortage of spectrum. Can generic open architecture play a bigger role, or the reuse of embedded platforms for different aircraft. How is the infrastructure of aviation needing to change to meet the future demands and expectations?

Chair: Murray Skelton, FLYHT Aerospace

Wireless Load Import and Remote Dataloading - David Reulet, Maintenance and Recording Systems Manager, AIRBUS SAS and Co-Speaker

Wireless Avionics Intra-Communications - An Update on Standardization Activities and System Development - Jan Müller, Senior Expert End to End Connectivity, AIRBUS

Iris Satcom as a Worldwide Interoperability Solution for Data-Link - Giovanni Garofalo, Iris Project Manager, European Space Agency

Murray Skelton. Vice President Business Development. FLYHT Aerospace.
David Reulet. Maintenance and Recording Systems Manager. AIRBUS SAS.
Jan Müller. Senior Expert End to End Connectivity. AIRBUS.
Giovanni Garofalo. Iris Project Manager. European Space Agency.
EVTOLs, UAMs, and Drones
16:00  to  17:30 v Room: F111

EVTOLs/Air-Taxis/Drones will be a huge growth area in the near future, which all require airspace and air traffic management in the shared airspace with commercial aircraft and around airports. What is the future of the air taxi service, how will they operate near and within commercial airspace (UTM) and how does the current infrastructure need to evolve (including TCAS)?

Chair: Anna von Groote, EUROCAE

The Future of Air Taxi Service (ATS) - Tamirat Dinkissa Tolu, Aircraft Tech IV(CAT C,B1.B2 Certifying Staff), Ethiopian Airlines

A New Conops for U-Space & UAM in Europe - Ludovic Legros, Senior Manager / U-Space & UAM Harmonization, EUROCONTROL

Title to be Shared Soon - Mark ter Hove, Senior Manager - UAV & UTM, Aircraft Operations and Safety, Inmarsat

eVToL Challenges for Avionics - Martial Montrichard, CTO, Metavonics

Anna von Groote. Director General. EUROCAE.
Tamirat Dinkissa Tolu. Aircraft Tech IV(CAT C,B1.B2 Certifying Staff). Ethiopian Airlines.
Ludovic Legros. Senior Manager / U-Space & UAM Harmonization. EUROCONTROL.
Mark ter Hove. Senior Manager UAV & ATM – Aircraft Operations and Safety. Inmarsat.
Martial Montrichard. CTO. Metavonics.

Thursday 30th March

Technology Trends in Avionics
09:00  to  10:30 v Room: F111

Technology will continue to play a major role in the aircraft cockpit and cabin, with greater integration of systems and apps, requiring more capacity and generating more and more data. Multicore processors can aid with speed of processing data, but what role can AI play in analysing data before its transfer to the ground?

Chair: Alex Wilson, Wind River

Title to be Shared Soon - Thuc Nguyen Tri, Technical Programme Manager, EUROCAE

Multicore Processors - Olivier Charrier, Principal Technologist, Wind River

The Challenges of Integrating a User eXperience Design Approach in the Design Process of Innovative Aeronautical Solutions to Create Service Solutions - Mélina Fournier, UX Design Researcher PhD Candidate, Thales Avionics

Alex Wilson. Director - Aerospace & Defence Market Segment. Wind River.
Thuc Nguyen Tri. Technical Programme Manager. EUROCAE.
Olivier Charrier. Principal Technologist. Wind River.
Mélina Fournier. UX Design Researcher PhD Candidate. Thales Avionics.
Use and Trends in Data and Cybersecurity
11:00  to  12:30 v Room: F111

Data, data, data - the new lifeblood of any aircraft for the airline or OEM to analyse for improvements, efficiencies and cost savings. But how do we decide what data is first required - can data structure hierarchy assist? How do we get that data to the ground securely, with the prevalence of cyber threats, and within the bandwidth (on-board v on-ground computing)?  How do EASA and FAA guidelines compare for consistencies?

Chair: Philippe Lievin, Collins Aerospace

Handover in the Future Reduced Crew Operations, Why We Need Relevant Knowledge Exchange - Thomak Leduc, PhD Student, Thales AVS France

Review of Technologies and the Need to Harmonise (LTE, 5G, Wifi, Gatelink, SatComs) - Senior Representative, FLYHT Aerospace*

Prognos: From Sensor Data to Optimized Maintenance - Michiel Otten, Predictive Maintenance Engineer, KLM Engineering & Maintenance

Airborne Data Loaders and Cybersecurity Challenges - Dorian Uzun, Product Manager, Avionica, LLC.



Philippe Lievin. Air Traffic Management Services - Business Development Director - EuMEA. Collins Aerospace.
Thomak Leduc. PhD Student. Thales AVS France.
Michiel Otten. Predictive Maintenance Engineer. KLM Engineering & Maintenance.
Dorian Uzun. Product Manager. Avionica, LLC.
How Innovation can Assist in Aviation Sustainability
14:00  to  15:30 v Room: F111

With the need for the aerospace sector to reduce emissions by 55% by 2030, innovation and technologies will continue to play a major role in the development for a sustainable aerospace industry. What innovations are already being deployed, and what developments are around the corner?


Incentivising Aviation to Tackle its Non-CO2 Effects with Contrail Management Carbon Equivalent Credits - Dr. Adam Durant, CEO, SATAVIA

Aviation GHG Impact Measurements - Jacques Gatard, Founder, OcBizDev

Title to be Shared Soon - Senior Representative, Collins Aerospace*

Collaborative European Wide Efforts for More Sustainable Aviation in the Very Large Scale Demonstration Project ALBATROSS - Mattia Nurisso, Air Traffic Management Program Manager, AIRBUS

Dr. Adam Durant. CEO. SATAVIA.
Jacques Gatard. Founder. OcBizDev.
Mattia Nurisso. ATM Programme Manager. AIRBUS.