Aerospace Tech Week

Technology Showcase

Tuesday, November 14th 2023

Technology Showcase
Technology Showcase
11:00  to  17:30 v Exhibition Hall Theater

The Aerospace Tech Week Technology Showcase will deliver greater insights for engineers and technicians into specific areas of focus, with more detailed analysis. Our Free-to-Attend Technology Showcase speakers will highlight the latest technologies, solutions, ideas, and innovations.

11am - Tactical Aerial Kinetic Device™ TAK-D™ - Martin Lombardini, President, LIT - Lombardini Integrated Technology, LLC

11:30am - Secure Boot and Firmware Updates with wolfBoot for Safety-Critical Systems - Tesfa Mael, Senior Software Engineer, wolfSSL

Noon - Telepresenz, Smart Operations Solution for Aviation MRO - Peter Glowa, VP of Growth in Transportation, Telepresenz, Inc.

12:30pm - More With Less: How Can MROs Leverage Tech to Thrive in this New Normal? - Daniel Gurule, Associate Director of Business Development, Ramco Systems

1pm - 2pm - Lunch Break

2pm - Blue Ace Aero - Richard Scarbrough, Principal, ScarbroughCo, LLC

2:30pm - Digital Aviation Approach - Steve Hampson, Director, Guidehouse

3pm - It’s All About the Data – the 'First Mile' Solution - Jon Andresen, President, Technology Solutions

3:30pm - Transforming MRO by Connecting Human Capital, Assets, & Events - Senior Representative, Salesforce

4pm - System Identification and Controller Design for Hydraulic Actuator of Aircraft Flight Simulator - Zainab Nasir, Innovation Engineer, Idea Invent Evolve

4:30pm - TBC

Martin Lombardini. President. LIT / Lombardini Integrated Technologies, LLC.
Peter Glowa. VP of Growth in Transportation. Telepresenz, Inc..
Daniel Gurule. Associate Director. Ramco Systems.
Richard Scarbrough. Principal. ScarbroughCo, LLC.
Steve Hampson. Director. Guidehouse.
Jon Andresen. President. Technology Solutions.
Zainab Nasir. Innovation Engineer. Idea Invent Evolve.