Aerospace Tech Week

Rapita Systems One Day High Impact DO-178C Multicore Training Workshop

Monday, November 13th 2023

9:30am - 5:30pm

Rapita Systems' One Day High Impact DO-178C Multicore Certification Training Workshop

Multicore systems are being used more in critical avionics systems due to their improved SWaP characteristics, increasing need for performance, and decreasing availability of single core processors. The use of these systems presents certification challenges due to the impact of interference from software running on different cores reducing the predictability of timing behavior of hosted applications. A(M)C 20-193 guidance for DO-178C/ED-12C lists additional objectives that must be met for certification of multicore systems.

This special in-person DO-178C Multicore (CAST-32A and A(M)C 20-193) training event, delivered by multicore certification experts, will focus on practical approaches to satisfying DO-178C, CAST-32A & A(M)C 20-193 objectives for multicore avionics projects.

Course Tutor: Dr. Guillem Bernat, Co-Founder, Rapita Systems, Ltd.


Through a mix of theory and practical training, attendees will learn how to:

          •  Leverage industry-best approaches to CAST-32A / A(M)C 20-193 compliance.

          •  Interpret CAST-32A / A(M)C 20-193 and what the objectives mean in practice.

          •  Select the right multicore hardware for your project.

          •  Characterize and quantify multicore interference in your platform.

          •  Estimate worst-case-execution-time for multicore platforms.

          •  Demonstrate robust partitioning in your multicore system.

          •  Integrate CAST-32A / A(M)C 20-193 evidence into your existing DO-178C workflow.

          •  Comply with CAST-32A / A(M)C 20-193 on Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) systems.

As the workshop is limited to 50 participants, trainees will have the opportunity to engage with the trainer one-to-one and discuss any questions they have. Please note, a full agenda will be distributed to all attendees prior to the workshop.


Who Should Attend:

The training is designed for Avionics Systems, Hardware, Software Managers and Engineers, Quality & Process Assurance or Certification personnel, seeking a better understanding of the complexities brought by multicore computing in the certification of airborne systems, as well as the most advanced solutions developed to address that challenge. 

Target Job Profile:

Software engineer / Project manager / Program manager / Design engineer / Test engineer / Project engineer / Quality specialist / Validation engineer / Embedded software engineer / Engineering consultant / Project lead / Development engineer