Aerospace Tech Week

MRO iT Conference

Tuesday, November 14th 2023

PANEL DISCUSSION: Outsourced Maintenance – What Airlines Want From an MRO Provider
11:00  to  12:30 v 'Room - Columbia'

When outsourcing airframe maintenance, what are airlines looking for, from an IT perspective, from their MRO provider? Whether understanding turn times, analytics, or general feedback. Do they think about one integrated solution, or multiple best-of-breed systems? How do airlines think when making key decisions for MRO? This panel discussion will bring together leading airlines and MRO providers to discuss the challenges, approaches to decision making, and the ability to build trust in the relationship.

Moderator: Phil Bathurst, President and CEO, Aspire MRO


Rick Uber, Managing Director Airframe Maintenance, Delta Air Lines

Kemal Ibragic, Director MRO, American Airlines

Speaker TBC

Phil Bathurst. President & CEO. Aspire MRO.
Rick Uber. Managing Director Airframe Maintenance. Delta Air Lines.
Kemal Ibragic. Director MRO. American Airlines.
It’s All About People? – People vs Technology and AI/ML
14:00  to  15:30 v 'Room - Columbia'

With the industry facing a skills shortage and looking for more engineers, MROs need to maintain standards of service delivery to customers with limited resources. How can MROs use technology to do things smarter? How can technology become a force multiplier? How can practical use of technologies, including applications of AI/ML, enhance productivity and processes, and utilise the people we do have to be more efficient, to deliver and meet customer expectations?

Chair: Robert Mather, Vice President, Aerospace and Defense Industries, IFS

Azul Conecta’s Artificial Intelligence Program (ConectAI) - Luiz Sergio Barbosa Junior, Innovation and New Business Manager, Azul Air*

Title TBC - Joe Pergola, Digital Technology, Tech Ops Project Manager, United Airlines and Diana Santiago, Aviation Program Manager/FAA Liaison, Wilson Technology 

ATA Auto Coder: Challenges, Approaches, Success and ROI - Barry Lott, Director, Aircraft Records and Maintenance Reliability, Southwest Airlines and Cameron Byrd, CEO, AIXI

Make Machine-Learning and Predictive Maintenance Part of Your Daily Operation - Laura Garnett, Executive Director, Digital Tech Ops Portfolio, The Boeing Company

Robert Mather. Vice President, Aerospace and Defense Industries. IFS.
Joe Pergola. Digital Technology, Tech Ops Project Manager. United Airlines.
Diana Santiago. Aviation Program Manager/FAA Liaison. Wilson Technological Center.
Barry Lott. Director, Aircraft Records and Maintenance Reliability,. Southwest Airlines.
Cameron Byrd. CEO. AIXI Inc..
Laura Garnett. Executive Director, Digital Tech Ops Portfolio. The Boeing Company.
Integration of Disparate Systems vs A Holistic Approach
16:00  to  17:30 v 'Room - Columbia'

Increasingly, many airline and MRO evaluations of new IT systems seem to prefer a holistic approach from one key-supplier versus disparate suppliers. This session considers integration through the digital thread (moving through data flows and connections between OEM, operator, MRO, other stakeholders such as lessors and suppliers, and back again). The integration, implementation, and the value case benefits of different philosophies will be reviewed. Do MRO iT systems adequately address return conditions, maintenance life extensions and reliability enhancements? Do the aircraft OEMs produce AMM / IMC flexibly feeding MRO iT systems and at what subscription cost? Some multinational airline brands have rationalised multiple Air Operator Certificates (AOCs) based in several countries via centralised maintenance management which uses one MRO iT system, replacing many. Overall, how can we make systems more user friendly and enhance integration with other systems, and what is the true value case?

Chair: TBC

Digitization - Can MRO IT Go Truly Paperless? - Vikas Kudyar, Product Manager, The Boeing Company

Condor Case Study: More Efficient Aircraft Technical Defect Management in Day of Operation for Flight Crews, Maintenance Managers and MCCs - Mirko Lang, Senior Business Consultant, FLYHT/CrossConsense GmbH

Digitalization and Optimization in Aviation Manufacturing, Repair & Overhaul - Matthew Emery (MRAeS), Product Manager, Honeywell


Matthew Emery (MRAeS). Digital Product Manager. Honeywell.
Vikas Kudyar. Product Manager. The Boeing Company.

Wednesday, November 15th 2023

JOINT PANEL DISCUSSION: Value Case for Data Analytics and Data Sharing for MRO iT & Flight Ops iT
09:00  to  10:30 v 'Room: Atlanta'

Much has been said of the need for Flight Ops iT and MRO iT to work closer and share information to enhance operations. How is this going? Data analytics and sharing of data can have great benefits for all parties to be more efficient, but have we moved on in relation to data ownership and share/usage of data? How can data be made available for access by multiple OEMs? What role can ML and AI play in data analytics to filter relevant data for the relevant parties? This joint panel discussion will highlight the benefits, realities, and ongoing challenges that are still encountered.

Moderator: Nick Godwin, Director, NSG Aero


Senior Representative, Airline*

Senior Representative, Airline*

Phil Bathurst, President and CEO, Aspire MRO

Santiago Valencia Rodríguez, Head of Maintenance and Technical Purchases Committees, ALTA Aero

Justin Daugherty, Senior Director Sales and Marketing, Trax

Robert Mather, Vice President, Aerospace and Defense Industries, IFS

Nick Godwin. Director & Conference Consultant. NSG Aero.
Phil Bathurst. President & CEO. Aspire MRO.
Robert Mather. Vice President, Aerospace and Defense Industries. IFS.
Asset and Data Management
11:00  to  12:30 v 'Room - Columbia'

How can we best manage core assets such as engines, with maintenance data analytics and health monitoring, to smaller components with digital maintenance platforms. How do smaller workshops maintain processes and standards with fewer resources and expertise? As the move towards digitization continues, with tons of both paper and data records, how can we best manage data migration, scan papers/docs and exploit relevant information? How will Tech Docs and records management play a role in data and asset management?

Chair: Jim Boccarossa, CEO, ProvenAir Technologies

Fully Digital Hangar Maintenance - Eyasu Tamirat Nigatu, Team Leader Aircraft Record Management, Ethiopian Airlines

Parts Traceability (Title TBC*) - Chris Markou, Head of Technical Operations, IATA

Harnessing the Power of Intelligence and Efficiency: A New Era in Records Management - Omar Mendoza, Senior Product Manager, GE Digital, Aviation Software

Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul, Tooling Cybersecurity Risk - Jeff Hall, NCC Group and Josh Kolleda, Transport Assurance Practice Director for North America, NCC Group

Intro to Digital Part Documentation, Birth to BER trace, Predicative maintenance using AI, Parts Data Blockchain ME accountability and Pooled Part Data reporting - Gary P. Hochman, Partner, QCTECH, LLC


Jim Boccarossa. Founder and CEO. ProvenAir Technologies.
Eyasu Tamirat Nigatu. Team Leader Aircraft Record Management. Ethiopian Airlines.
Dr. Chris Markou. Head of Operational Cost Management. IATA.
Omar Mendoza. Senior Product Manager. GE Digital, Aviation Software.
Josh Kolleda. Transport Assurance Practice Director. NCC Group.
Gary P. Hochman. Partner. QCTECH, LLC.
Technology & Innovation in MRO iT and Digital Transformation
14:00  to  16:30 v 'Room - Columbia'

As technologies advance at a rapid pace, how do airlines best take advantage and ensure technology gets into the production environment? What role can machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and augmented reality (AR) play in predictive maintenance and efficiencies for the airline? Can AI and the evolution of ChatGPT4 help solve business challenges in the MRO iT domain? How can we successfully, from both safety and security aspects, implement newer generations of mobile technology, software in legacy systems, and paperless systems? Will the advent of 'Industry 4.0' and ‘Digital Transformation’ really provide the opportunities for a truly 'paperless' process, feasible in all environments?

*Please note: This is an extended session*

Chair: TBC

Digital Transformation Challenges in a Corporate Propulsion BU Transformation - Alejandro Cardona Seemann, Group's Head of Propulsion, AeroMexico

Aircraft Health Monitoring (Title TBC) - Chris Markou, Head of Technical Operations, IATA

Digital MRO and the Hangar of the Future - John Maggiore, Senior Advisor and Visiting Professor, Cranfield University

Data and Knowledge Extraction from Aircraft Maintenance Records using Large Language Models - Sriram Haran, Founder & CEO, KeepFlying Pte Ltd 

Title TBC - Levi Schmidt, Managing Director Professional Services, EmpowerMX

Enabling Digital Transformation Through MRO - Kathryn Hoffman, Product Manager, iBase-t


Alejandro Cardona Seemann. Head of Propulsion. AeroMexico.
Dr. Chris Markou. Head of Operational Cost Management. IATA.
John Maggiore. Senior Advisor and Visiting Professor. Cranfield University.
Sriram Haran. Founder & CEO. KeepFlying Pte Ltd.
Kathryn Hoffman. Product Manager. iBASEt.